“Design is a process; you set out in one direction, but must never be blind to the better possibilities that present themselves along the way, adapting concepts and details to make design more functional and communicative. A calm manner and a fast-paced work ethic is central to producing excellent work.“

Client List

A year filled with great projects and clients. Here are some highlights of his client list.

From small independent companies to iconic global brands, meeting design challenges for organisations that care deeply about the way their company is presented, from the flair and creativity of initial concept to sign off. Fluent in all Adobe programs. Experience includes art direction, branding, layout, web & app design, icon and logo design, digital & print direct marketing, POS and print collateral.

  • Theo Graphic Design

Theo Graphic Design


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  • Incredible work! Best creative experience ever. Testimonial

  • Five star design work without doubt. Testimonial

  • Unique approach to every aspect of design and the result that is simply stunning. Testimonial

  • Theo has the perfect match between functionality and aesthetic. Testimonial